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What is PokerStrategy? 50 dollars free

PokerStrategy is the world's largest poker school! Members FREE Texas Holdem provide full training. Each member initial $ 50 starting capital from them. The initial capital can help, you can start your own successful poker career without paying money. PokerStrategy offers a completely free and non-binding. Does not have any financial or legal obligations, do not need a bank account nor a credit card. $ 50 will get free poker money, no deposit. So do not even have to make a deposit to play poker online for free. Play online poker and win! Free poker! If you want to be successful, you will learn how to play poker, you get the $ 50 initial money you might as well you can buy! If you can get the starting capital to replicate your money! Take advantage of the wealth of online poker bonuses poker room!

Why worthy to register in the PokerStrategy?

  • Because the PokerStrategy puts a curriculum at your disposal, with which one onto getting out of a step learn successfully to play poker. You may know mathematics statistics and psychological principles here exclusively, which ones a profitable game is insured on long distance.
  • The coachingot living apart from the strategic articles and tables (trainings) provide with fruitful pros, doctrine videos, hand analysis and yet a lot you may attain something else on the side.
  • The PokerStrategya lot-many poker players his member. You may put it up with poker any time on the forum with the Hungarian language which can be reached on the side your related question. The big community helps with it that turn into a fruitful poker player. You may read the largest poker players' blogs.
  • You may download assistant softwares like that on thePokerStrategy site, that collects different statistics about your adversaries and analyses them, facilitates your game in this manner. You may download it the self-developed exclusive PokerStrategy software is very useful for applications beside PokerStrategy Elephant you may get at it, than PokerTracker, Texas Grab'em, Equilator, you are PokerAce.
  • More than 1,000 video poker in English
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What do you get the site of PokerStrategy.com?
Even more important question: What would I gain comes from when I register?
  • Risk-free poker free $ 50 starting capital thanks.
  • Successful poker learning thanks to the extensive training offerings.
  • More than 6.5 million members - including the world's most successful poker players - it has clearly become the world's largest poker school.
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50$ free? Not fooling? What do I have to make for him?

NOT FOOLING!!! PokerStrategy receives a commission after the players registered through them from the given poker hall. Is worth it because of this for him free to provide beginner money to us. More richly: here. PokerStrategy -very many of the members of nek are, not only on Hungary. They all got to it it 50$ their beginner money. To the beginner money you have to get beyond altogether a quiz, which you can untie if you examine it carefully before it easily, PokerStrategy articles intended for beginners who can be found.

Exactly how much I have to play the plus 100$ to a bonus?

I have 3 poker spaces currently where you may ask the payment of your beginner money: PartyPoker, Titan Poker, and Pokerstars . .
  • PartyPoker: 800 PartyPoints are needed under 3 months to collect. This approximately 20-22 thousands raked hand.
  • Titan Poker: The bonus 100$ to 10$ you may obtain it in portions. 35$ rakes get 10$-t Titan your account. There is not a time limit here onto the fulfilment of the bonus!

I have 5 poker spaces currently where you may ask it the poker money his payment:
  • PartyPoker
  • Everest Poker
  • William Hill
  • 888.com Pacific Poker
  • Full Tilt Poker

Works in this manner:

  • Register on PokerStrategy site
  • You prepare it in the selected poker hall your registration PokerStrategy with the code of a bonus.
  • You untie the quiz!!! (20 questions, you may make an attempt 5 times).
  • You obtain the money, you have to play only.
  • If you accomplished it the plus 100$-hoz the condition of being left, you get to it the bonus 100$
  • You decide it, play, pay into an other poker hall, or you withdraw it your money.